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City of Homestead News

Posted on: November 9, 2016

City of Homestead Charter Amendments Pass in Preliminary Results

Preliminary election results show Homestead residents approved three changes to the City of Homestead Charter.  Results will become official only once certified by the canvassing board.  The first, dealing with the selection of the Vice Mayor, passed with 50.01% of the vote and will require a recount.  The second, dealing with filling of vacancies in the Office of the Mayor, passed with 75.03% of the vote.  The third, dealing with the filling of Council vacancies, passed with 67.64%

Below is the text of the Amendments as they appeared on the ballot. 

1. Selection of Vice Mayor.

The City Charter currently provides that the individual serving in the role of Vice Mayor shall be elected by the City electors from among the Councilmembers elected at each City election.  It is proposed that the Charter be amended to provide that the individual serving as Vice Mayor be selected by the Council from among its members, and to provide for transition. 

Shall the Charter amendment be adopted?

[   ] YES  

[   ] NO  

2. Filling of Vacancies in the Office of Mayor.

In the event of a Mayoral vacancy, the City Charter currently permits the Vice Mayor to assume the Office of Mayor or to decline it, resulting in a Mayoral election.  It is proposed that the Charter be amended to require the Vice Mayor to assume the office of Mayor, but permit a return to the Council seat upon the Mayor’s return to office or election of a new Mayor.

Shall the Charter Amendment be adopted?

[   ] YES 

[   ] NO   

3. Filling of Council Vacancies.

The City Charter currently provides that a vacant Council seat be filled by appointment if less than one year remains in the term and by election if a year or more remains in the term.  It is proposed that the Charter be amended to provide that a vacancy be filled by appointment until the next regular election, at which the remainder of the term would be filled.   

Shall the Charter Amendment be adopted?

[   ] YES  

[   ] NO  

The full text of the Charter Amendments, as set forth in the enabling Resolution, is available at the office of the City Clerk, located at 100 Civic Court, Homestead, FL 33030.  For additional questions, please call (305) 224-4442 or visit www.cityofhomestead.com/election2016

Preliminary Election Results
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